what we do

Innovative and simple technology allows easyprod to deliver partners cost-efficiency in the full-scale production of sporting events, big or small. With deep understanding and experience of sports media easyprod effectively opens up new opportunities for monetisation and fan engagement for stakeholders anywhere in the world

easyprod’s sports production system supports media operators, sport federations, leagues, teams, schools, clubs amongst others in the production and transmission of high quality (HD or Full HD) audio-visual match content

easyprod produces any sports including but not limited to Baseball, Football, Basketball, Handball, Tennis, Table Tennis and Badminton with multi-cameras with switching

easyprod supports partners like sports federations, leagues and teams with full back end and technical production and transmission

innovative technology allows events to be produced and streamed at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast rates

easyprod’s cost-efficient technology opens up new revenue streams and enables partners to produce new or additional content for further monetisation